TUDOR TECH AERIA Dual View is the most advanced aircraft scanning devices that provide innovative security solutions for bomb-threat clearing. Our engineers collaborate with law enforcement, aircraft security experts and flight physicists to uncover unique, cost-effective solutions for the safe and riskless screening of private and commercial airplanes.

We have developed our product line to bring the technology support in the Preventive Security Measures of Civil Aviation, as recommended by ICAO Annex 17. We aim to expand the Measures Relating to Aircraft Protection close to 100% confidence in security screening, in order to ensure and guarantee that civil airplanes, as main vector of air transportation, are free of any threats. Even better: the scanning process can also reveal some mechanical or structural anomalies in the aircraft. (Only in 2013, there were 1,535 reports of birds ending up in plane’s engines.)

TUDOR TECH AERIA DV is sophisticated, user-friendly and cost-effective. Using our product, you can take to the skies with confidence. Our product results from a long partnership with EU security professionals and companies that oversee more than 2,000 kilometers of European Union border.

TUDOR TECH AERIA DV is part of Tudor Scan Tech’s safe, secure and innovative flight scanning solutions, which provide unparalleled performance for government officials and security professionals seeking to implement safety measures at commercial facilities, low-traffic terminals and other high-security private premises.

Statistics proves that the civil aviation is subject of unprecedented frequent bomb threats generating huge financial loses, traffic disturbance and stress on passengers and that the general aviation is the preferred vector for contraband with different goods and illegal transport of persons with hidden identity, large amount of money, dirty bombs, guns and explosives .

TUDOR TECH AERIA introduces the major advantage of seeing everything inside the airplane eliminating a systemic vulnerability of civil aviation. It enables authorities and airport personnel to scan the aircraft fuselage in a single pass through the screening frame — and, depending on the aircraft’s size, a complete scan of wings through additional passes. A must have tool to prevent, detect and mitigate bomb threats … and to clear airplanes!

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