TUDOR TECH ML64 — like our other products — gives peace of mind to security experts, government officials and logistics experts involved in border crossing. The product helps professionals scan trucks of all sizes, from ultra light to medium and heavy, used in the transportation of goods in cross-border commercial exchanges. To help solve the global security conundrum steeped in unlawful transportation, contraband and terrorist activities, to name just three, TUDOR TECH ML64 provides an all-around solution that addresses the operational and safety needs of various stakeholders.

Whether it is a cargo transporting a massive volume of goods, or an ultra light pickup truck carrying people (and maybe contraband), TUDOR TECH ML64 helps scan everything, performing quick inspections and providing high-resolution images and footage.

The product’s capabilities extend beyond border control operations, enabling security professionals to implement fast and cost-effective measures in areas as varied as ports, logistics hubs and major retail distribution centers. TUDOR TECH TECH’s award-winning technology can help operators scan up to 200 long vehicles per hour.

Our internationally patented remote-operation principle fuses technological sophistication and security knowhow to improve operational costs, eliminate the risk of professional radiation exposure, and provide 100% detection rates.

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