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Our company combines technological sophistication with safety expertise to deliver products and services that address the operational and security needs of governments, the airline industry, the cross-border logistics sector, and millions of passengers throughout the world.

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Mircea Tudor Scan Tech Group personnel share a passion for technological research, logistical improvement and security innovation. With 120 people located in Switzerland and Romania, 70% of whom hold university degrees, the company intends to be a global provider of safety and security products and services in civil aviation, commercial aviation and logistical processes, among others. 20% of our employees focus on research and development, a reflection of our commitment to delivering advanced, state-of-the-art solutions.

Research & Development

At Mircea Tudor Scan Tech, R&D is an integral part of our operations. Our applied R&D aims to quickly and safely deliver results, products and solutions that can solve safety challenges immediately. We invented and developed the first-ever scanner for airplanes, ushering in a safer approach to flight.


We believe that an effective R&D policy is steeped in, and results in, a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization’s value chain. We foster innovation by hiring the best minds in the fields, collaborating with safety regulators and professionals, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Aircraft Scanners

MIRCEA TUDOR TECH AERIA DV fuses technological sophistication to scan all types of aircraft, from midsize airplanes to small, private jets. Our patented system embeds several safety measures that provide efficiency, stability and clarity during the scanning process, irrespective of the number of vehicles and their size.

Border Security

Our Integrated Border Management solution addresses pressing questions that government officials identify (and need to solve) on a daily basis. We collaborate with safety officials and industry insiders to develop a solution that optimizes border controls, fosters contraband enforcement, reduces trans-border illegal activities, enhances passenger safety and improves operational efficiency for border-security professionals.


Mircea TUDOR


Businessman and inventor, Mircea is the founder and CEO of Tudor Scan Tech. He is the driver behind all the group’s innovative solutions. In 2009, Tudor was awarded with The Grand Prix of Geneva Invention Exhibition for the first ever Robotic Mobile Scanner for trucks and containers. The same year, he received Special Prize for Invention Award by World Intellectual Property Organisation of United Nations. In 2013, Tudor was awarded for the second time The Grand Prix of Geneva Invention Exhibition for the first ever Scanner for civil and military aircraft. Tudor is the only person to have won this award twice. In May 2014, Tudor won Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Romania. He is also appointed as an expert member of the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe in Work Group 4 - Safety and Security (ACARE WG4) as well as an expert member of the European Committee of Electrotechnical Standardisation - Industry Advisory Forum (CENELEC - IAF).

Eric Stauffer

VP Global Development

Has had an extensive career as a Businessman, even while serving for many years in Public Administration in Geneva Canton and at federal level in Switzerland. He was Member of the Board of Directors at the Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève, as well as at Geneva Airport and was also appointed President of the Finance Committee and Management Control Committee of Geneva Parliament. Eric Stauffer is very energetic by nature, positively influencing the Swiss society expanding into financial ventures in aviation and mobile telecoms. He is an established entrepreneur with solid presence in the business world, deploying one of his greatest assets - his substantial business network across all continents and at all levels.


Deputy CEO

Having studied public administration, Radu is a fine connaisseur of the complex environment surrounding governments and business development in troubled areas of the world. With more than ten years of experience in homeland security and strong technical capabilities, he was involved in major projects and has kept an impressive track record in strategic business development. He remains one of the main contributors in TST’s international market expansion.



Radu Tudor is a young entrepreneur, with experience in developing and managing projects in various fields of activity such as: border and homeland security, infrastructures, automation and recycling. With his willingness of challenging the status-quo and a clear vision in bringing the improvements, Radu was a part of TST's production and management team and team lieder for Roboscan Aeria, project awarded with The Grand Prix of Geneva Invention Exhibition in 2014.

Roxana DEAK


Roxana brings in a vast experience in international accounting and also of the aviation industry. Previously she served as Chief accountant / Group Accountant for the London Menzies Aviation where she has overseen the accounting for the entire group. She also brings solid skills in accounting and financial audit which she has gained in over 15 years of supervising the financial activity of multiple successful companies.


Strategy, M&A

Bogdan is a serial entrepreneur who founded and developed multiple companies. From the development of technology and consumer business where he started and developed from an idea to a global company present in 22 countries - all the way to industrial companies such as processing of oil, setting up and managing a distribution networks, marketing with well known brands such as Coca-Cola and real estate development, Bogdan has a vast experience in developing and bringing products to market.



With a background in Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mihai Receanu is working since 2014 in the field of design and production of Gamma and X-ray scanning systems, covering the following subjects : electrical & automation design, integration, product and project management. Mihai received the World Intellectual Property Organisation award at the Geneva Invention Exhibition in 2017, among other innovation awards.


Andreas JURT

President of Advisory Board

Doctor of Management and holder of an Executive MBA deputy PLR at the Grand Council of Neuchâtel, Andreas Jurt is the president of the Tudor Tech Advisory Board since 2019. He is a renowned analyst in the political and economic fields , with an international network in the world of finance and industry. He has exercised responsibilities at the highest level at Credit Suisse for more than twenty years as Managing Director.


Advisory Board Member

Member of the Advisory Board of Tudor Tech as public relations advisor and group spokesperson, Pascal Kummerling belongs to the management of the military airport of Payerne Spécialiste and knowledgeable connoisseur in the field of aviation and global security. He has a broad international network as Editor-in-chief of the specialized blog Avia News and he is a recognized expert in the aeronautical field.

Olivier KOHLER

Advisory Board Member

International reporter and journalist of the RTS since 1998, Olivier Kohler is an attentive and privileged observer of worldwide affairs. He has done his first reports in the former country of Yugoslavia and covered dozens of international crises, from the Syrian tragedy to the Ukrainian revolution. He is a Master of Advanced Studies from the Global Institute of the University of Geneva and he is a political and strategic advisor.


Nicusor BIRSAN

Scientific Board Member

Nicusor Birsan, PhD has over 25 years of experience in electronics, IT and software development. With strong design skills and knowledge of non-destructive screening technologies, he is responsible for the scanners architecture, predicts the performance of the system from the concept phase and ensures meeting requirements during design and testing. As member of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Signal Processing, and Communications IEEE societies, his expertise includes multiple areas such as hardware design, short-range radar, embedded system development, signal and image processing. The broad experience has been proven in real-world innovative projects and shared in many peer-reviewed academic papers.


President of Scientific Board

Doctor Magna cum Laude in Electronic engineering and telecommunications, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. Doctoral thesis: Hardware and software structures for controlling industrial robots. Former JICA trainee and JSPS postdoctoral researcher, Nagoya University and invited researcher, LIST Osaka and Nirvana Technology Inc. Kyoto, Japan. Member of IEEE RAS, CS and SMCS societies. Fields of R&D: structured design of complex equipment, mechatronic adaptive systems, X and Gamma ray imaging, human-machine dialog, evolutionary design of neuro-fuzzy controllers, brain-like structures for humanoid robots, emotional autonomous agents. Innovation, teaching and publishing activities. Authoring and supervising conceptual design of MTST scanning systems, advising at management level. Values the balancing concept for work and life at individual and social level.


Scientific Board Member

Anton Coroianu, PhD is an engineer specialized in radiological protection and has a rich experience in the evaluation, design, production, operation and licensing of X-ray generators, linear accelerators, NDT (non-destructive testing) equipment with radiation sources and protection and shielding equipment against radiation. He also has experience in management, having previously held the position of Chief State Inspector and Director of the Ionizing Radiation Application Division within CNCAN (National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control of) where he led the evaluation and audit of quality management systems for the nuclear industry and of applications of radioactive sources in industry and medicine. Anton Coroianu is also a founding member and former president of AROEND (Romanian Association of Non-Destructive Testing) and board member of SRRP (Romanian Society for Radiological Protection), and his proven experience in the fields exemplified above is a huge add for our projects.


Company profile

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech operates, in Switzerland, an extensive, state-of-the-art factory for aircraft and cargo scanners (3,000 square meters of offices and technological space along with 7,000 square meters of testing areas). In Romania, the company has a 6,000-square-meter R&D center (11 laboratories and 1 fast-prototype development section).

The R&D center features a comprehensive platform for testing, implementation and validation — organized into a Scientific Board for R&D and a Project Development Center, which supports other critical work streams throughout the organization. As a technologically intensive company, we are deeply involved in an array of national and international R&D initiatives.

We believe in our vision for a safer approach to air, land and sea transportation — and we want to change the world by investing massively in R&D and delivering products and solutions that improve safety in the global transportation sector.

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech has created and is currently operating, the largest interdisciplinary research facility in Eastern Europe — The East European Center for Integrated Applied Research.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

At Mircea Tudor Scan Tech, we aim to provide safe, secure and innovative scanning solutions that address the pressing needs of today’s global transportation sector, in sectors as essential as aviation, border control, ground transportation and logistics management. By collaborating with security experts, regulatory officials, border control authorities and the transportation industry as a whole, we will change the world by helping detect, mitigate and prevent safety risks across the global economic value chain.

For more than two decades, we have provided secure perspectives in air, sea and land transportation.

Who we are

We are a leading provider of cost-effective, technologically sophisticated, easy to use, and operationally convenient solutions related to safety and security in the global transportation sector. Whether it is civil aviation, commercial aviation, private transportation or maritime logistics, our products and services are there to ease the work, processes and operational constraints of the industry and its regulators.

What we do

We design and manufacture a suite of state-of-the-art scanners and bespoke-inspection scanners, comprising MIRCEA TUDOR TECH’s technologically advanced Mobile Scanners as well as the very first aircraft x-ray scanning system in the world. In addition, we have also designed and implemented airport counter-terrorist checkpoints, access control procedures, video surveillance operations and perimeter-protection systems at Maputo International Airport-Mozambique. We continually work to deploy across the value chain, including trial, validation and implementation of better security technologies and methods in civil aviation.

Swiss Approval North America Certificates, available upon request
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Awards

    The Grand Prix

    Geneva 2009

    Mircea Tudor Scan Tech has received countless accolades since it began its operations. The most important events in security management and innovation have awarded us with the highest prizes for innovation, including:

    • The Grand Prix of the 41st International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2013

    • Gold Medal International Warsaw Invention Show 2009

    • WIPO AWARD World Intellectual Property Organization Award for Best Inventor 2009

    • The Grand Prix of the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2009

    • Gold Medal 37th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2009

    • Gold Medal – The International Invention Fair of the Middle East – Kuwait 2008





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